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Exchanging knowledge

We identify and disseminate effective practice and policy solutions to street homelessness through online research and practice resources and face-to-face encounters.

Targeted Convenings


IGH holds single-issue convenings targeting a specific problem or geographical region. Topical convenings focus on one challenge that resonates globally; regional convenings focus on issues in a determined geographical context. These convenings generate strategies and develop potential interventions.

The IGH Hub


The IGH Hub is a comprehensive, universally accessible online global research hub. The Hub aims to create a space where leaders working to address homelessness across the world can access resources to inform and shape their work.



The biennial IGH Conference brings together top thinkers to address barriers common across countries and set agendas for research and advocacy. Themes of past conferences include Homelessness in a Global Landscape and Ending Homelessness in Your City. The next conference will take place in 2019.

Ending Homelessness in Your City


Our 2017 conference, Ending Street Homelessness in Your City, brought together 115 thought leaders from 30 countries and touched on what it means to end street homelessness, how to measure progress, and how to solve some of the most complicated challenges cities face in meeting this goal.

Brno Challenge Convening


On December 9-10, 2015, IGH brought leaders from five cities across three world regions to Brno, Czech Republic to learn how to mobilize volunteers, organize and act on individual-level data with limited resources.

Homelessness in a Global Landscape


Our 2015 inaugeral conference, Homelessness in a Global Landscape brought together a group of 100 researchers, policymakers and service providers from 30 countries across six continents and debuted our Framework for understanding and measuring homelessness.